LYL sunD3 Oral Spray Maximum Strength Vitamin D

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LYLsunD3 is a natural (derived from lanolin), high absorption efficiency vitamin D3 in the form of a sprayable micro-emulsion specially formulated to deliver vitamin D through the soft tissue of the mouth for optimal absorption.

  • Innovative formula provides up to 4x higher absorption*
  • Fast and effective absorption: LYLsunD3 presents an average increase of 132% from the initial level within only 30 days of use*
  • Easy to use, convenient to carry with and financially advantageous – the package is intended for up to 125 daily doses or for 4 month period
  • Natural Orange flavour
  • What’s more? It is good for your teeth thanks to natural sweetener – xylitol, which will maintain oral and dental health.
  • The new generation form: micro-emulsion, which means no oil or palm oil added.

Spray and GO! No drops, no pills or capsules. Just one spray, or too, or as recommended will raise your D level as needed.

One bottle holds 125 doses – enough for four months.

25 ml

*learn more: independent research in vivo and in vitro

LYL sunD3 Oral Spray Maximum Strength Vitamin D
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